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Don Tello's Tex Mex tops Stone Crest Mall's restaurants 2012 !

From Lithonia, Georgia

  Don Tello's Tex Mex tops Stone Crest Mall's restaurants 2012 !

By Twomucht Topix National News Editor,

Even before you walk into this impressive Establishment, one will be amazed at the beauty. However, if you are not yet captivated, once you walk inside you will.

One of the pleasant professional hostesses will guide you to either a joyous bar with laughter from their regular customers, or if you decide to choose a more tranquil booth with that special loved one, they will prepare a spot for just the two of you.

Either way, Don Tello's will treat you right ! 

A must have tray you must experience, is the freshly served guacamole tray. Please understand, upon request they will have a smiling face, roll up a tray with a few bowls to your table and start to crave out a fresh avocado, into a stone bowl. Then add additional fresh items to your very likings.

When I asked Brandon Smith, a Perimeter College student, who was serving me about why he worked there, he replied," I love it here. We're like family." 

As a food critic for many years, I sometimes wonder why people come back to certain restaurants. However, if you visit Don Tello's one time, they will have to apply for a retraining order, to keep you from coming again and again..

So as you all who are continuing to shop for Christmas gifts at Stone Crest Mall, or at Wall Mart in Conyers, Ga. , make sure to treat your tired taste buds to some wonderful food at ....Don Tello's !


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