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"The School Cannot Live Apart from the Community" PTA Talk Show!

From Lithonia, Georgia

"The School Cannot Live Apart from the Community" PTA Talk Show!


On Wednesday night at 8:30, Twomucht, a national news editor and national talk show host, is hosting a Dekalb County PTA talk show.

It is going to be a very poignant show for everyone from parents, teachers, students and community leaders, as well as, local business owners. A challenge has been issued for all to step up to the plate for the children, before its too late.

Through the hardships and struggles through our communities of education.

There are awesome opportunities for our children and families to be a great success and DeKalb County Council of PTA's is partnering with DeKalb County, community and school systems to expose the positive goals, objectives and thus far accomplishments throughout DeKalb County.

Call in (on Wednesday....March 30, promptly at 8:30 PM eastern. Simply dial 1-646-478-0188, then press the #1 key on your phone, to be connected to the talk show, listen in and be prepared to speak on the topics when your phone number and name is called!!!:

Below are the names of the panel of professionals that will be on the talk show. Kimberly Dixson, Public/Media/ Local Unit PTA President/ Region Rep., DeKalb County Council PTA President Marcia Coward and Executive Vice President & Men's Initiative Chair Mr. Willie Long.

There is an increasing generation gap between the parents and their children, and to be sure there are more options with very negative consequences for our innocent babies trying to grow up too soon. We need to find solutions together !

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