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UNI Peace Mediation---Why Can't We All Just Get Along ?

From Lithonia, Georgia

Are you in a conflict? Have you ever been wronged? Do you need help settling a personal issue that will not go away on its own? Perhaps you need the professional assistance of Mrs. Patti Page, the owner of UNI to mediate you a satisfying solution.

We all live in a not so perfect world today. There are more and more needs for a super hero professional to come to our rescue.

No...while most mediators do not wear capes or even have a hero costume, what they are able to accomplish is simply super human in scope. They help us meager humans discover a peaceful means to live together.

Mrs. Patrica Page is one of Georgia's best leading qualified mediators who is sought after throughout the southeast region of the United States to bring smiles where frowns have been prevalent and reluctantly a bothersome part of distressed individuals lives..

This does not have to be the case because UNI can help create solutions where problems had reigned supreme. Mrs. Page of UNI will ask you the Rodney King question up front,"Why can't we all just get along" ? , then she will set out to make that question a reality for both parties involved.



Mediation is about empowerment. Mediation is about resolving conflict (s) between two or more parties who are treated as equal by a neutral party called the mediator.

Mediation provides both parties with the power to be responsible for their own lives, rather than giving others the authority by default.

More importantly, mediation is a science of trying to find solutions to most problems in our society.

The main purpose of mediation, is to establishing a common ground for the parties who currently live in detrimental conditions, when it comes to existing with the other party, and in financial situations, the mediator works to find equitable solutions.

In short , the mediator assists people in creating workable solutions to problems without making judgments or assigning blame.



Statistics uphold settlements reached through Mediation negotiations are far more likely to be honored by both parties than those reached through an adversarial legal battle. Whenever an agreement is reached, a memorandum will be prepared so each party has a clear and concise record of agreements reached during mediation.

The finished Mediation agreement can be given to each attorney for comments, review, and filing of the documents in the courts. At any time, each party is free to consult with their attorney regarding any legal questions they might have.




Yes, most Mediators are well qualified with years of professional skills to remain calm and focused on discovering a peaceful solution to your conflict. A mediator is more likely to create a more creative solution than any court could ever seek to render either party. An experienced mediator professional will direct solutions and host a discussion in an attempt to render a most desirable agreement


Mediation is a voluntary process in which a Mediator, a trained neutral third person, assists the parties in resolving their conflicts and disputes. Mediation supports non-adversarial methods for resolving conflicts, that will help both parties understand the issues at hand, create solutions and keep a neutral sense of control, with the ultimate goal to reach an equitable settlement that is binding and fair to all parties involved.


Lengthy & time consuming,

Judges have little time to hear the details of your case, often less than 5 minutes,

Scheduling conflicts between courts and litigants cause expensive delays,

You may only get a minute or two to testify about your case,

Unpredictable outcomes,

You may have to make decisions about settlement in a split second in a crowded hallway,

No confidentiality-all court files are public records. Soon, they will be available on line,

Costly--each hour your lawyer spends waiting, you pay, even if no progress on your case is made,


Courts by their adversarial nature encourage combat, which is not conducive to a health family life after the legal proceedings are over.


Help you determine the schedule and issues,

Help you control the cost, which is usually about 1/10 to 1/3 the cost of a typical divorce case,

Help you make the decisions that you'll be living with,

Help you have the flexibility of taking time to consider how a decision will affect your family in the long term.

You can try out agreements before you sign the Judgment Agreement,

Help keep your case Confidential,

Help you control the outcome, and because of this, agreements made in mediation typically work better than those negotiated in the courthouse hallway minutes before a divorce trial,

Help you can always go to court if it doesn't work,

Keep cost-effective,

Are normally Faster,

Are less stressful,

More healthier for your and your family, since part of mediation is learning to communicate better, which is especially important when children are involved,

Helps both parties understand the issues Develops creative solutions, geared to the specific needs of each person,

Keeps control in the hands of the parties involved, rather than with outside individuals, agencies & authorities,

Finally mediation is a less expensive, less prolonged, less traumatic, and more effective method of reaching an equitable settlement than the traditional adversarial process.


When your life's routine involves irritating aspects that make life less enjoyable, and a whole lot less exciting because of conflict or contractual obligations where you are not being treated fairly, perhaps UNI's Mrs. Patti Page, might be your super hero you have wished for to come rescue you!

UNI serves several areas of our community that from time to time requires the professional attention of a mediator like Mrs. Page, they are but not limit to: Divorce Proceedings, Bullying at Schools, and Landlord / Tenant resolutions.

For more information please contact her Today at 404-543-6213 , or email her your particular situation at peacemediation@aol.com mailto:peacemediation@aol.com




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