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Clarian Arnett's sleep program offers help

From Lafayette/ West Lafayette, Indiana

LAFAYETTE – Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders ranging from insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome to sleep apnea.

Since the lack of a good night’s rest can make your body more susceptible to serious health conditions such as hypertension, memory loss and obesity, it’s important to consider where you may seek quality treatment.

Clarian Arnett Health’s Sleep Medicine program treats a variety of sleep conditions. A nationally accredited program with more than 50 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, the Sleep Center offers a wide range of studies provided by board-certified sleep physicians and registered technologists.

The center treats adult and pediatric patients and utilizes the latest innovations and clinical protocols to provide comprehensive care – from evaluation to diagnosis and treatment.

Each patient receives individualized attention and real-time monitoring of sleep patterns, respiratory functions and heart rate during the testing cycle.

The center is open nearly 24 hours as it monitors patients as they sleep. After diagnosis is made, patients may visit the Sleep Apnea Education Center to learn about the equipment necessary for their treatment, including mask fitting and equipment instruction.

Highlights of Clarian Arnett Health’s Sleep Medicine program include:
--Accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
--Updated technology to ensure accurate and timely sleep study results
--Eight tranquil, luxurious, hotel-like sleep rooms equipped with their own toilet and showers. This two rooms designed for bariatric patients.
--Wall-mounted, flat screen TVs with DVD players
--Individually controlled heat and air conditioning
--Continental breakfast served each morning

Services provided by the Sleep Medicine program include:
--Overnight polysomnograms
--Positive airway pressure titrations
--Studies for CDL licenses
--Multiple sleep latencies
--Maintenance of wakefulness testing
--Accredited to test for any sleep disorder
--Variable hours for testing meeting the needs of shift workers and irregular schedules

Clarian Arnett Health’s Sleep Medicine clinic does require a referral from a primary care doctor. To contact Sleep Medicine, please call 765-448-8000. In the event that you should need to establish a primary care doctor to obtain a referral, please call our Patient Referral Nurses at 765.474-MyMD, to find a physician who can meet your needs.

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