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Ice Heart to Adorn Times Square, Then Melt Away

From Kitchen Sink NYC

A frozen heart adorning Times Square may be just what it takes to melt your heart this Valentine's Day.

Ice Heart, a ten-foot-tall sculpture made from blocks of ice, designed by Moorhead & Moorhead, is the winner of  an invitational competition by the Times Square Alliance to build a Valentine at the Crossroads of the World. 

The Ice Heart sculpture is a temporary installation which will go up at 46th Street and Broadway on February 11 and be protected from melting until Valentine's Day, February 14. After that, the sculpture will transform as it is allowed to melt, and eventually will disappear completely over the course of several weeks.

 “The Ice Heart will constantly change as it crystalline form picks up the lights, colors and chaos of Times Square," said Granger Moorhead, who with his brother Robert Moorhead head the firm that designed the top Valentine. "We look forward to the kaleidoscopic effect, and think visitors will enjoy it as well."  

Four New York-based design firms were invited to participate in the contest and submitted proposals which were judged by the Times Square Alliance's Art Review Committee.

The architects were asked to design an illuminated, celebratory 3-D structure that would project a strong visual presence both at night and during the day. The ability to accommodate public interaction, including photography of visitors in front of the sculpture, was a requirement. 

The Ice Heart is "simultaneously architectural and natural," as described by Moorhead & Moorhead in the team's proposal. "By day [it] is kaleidoscopic, magnifying and distorting the colors and textures of Times Square. By night it is a softly glowing white lantern, lit from within."

To keep the sculpture from melting prematurely, if the temperature is above 32 degrees, it will be wrapped with dry ice inside the wrapping, according to Glenn Weiss, manager of Public Art and Design for the Times Square Alliance. In warmer temperatures, the installation can be left uncovered during parts of the day, but must be covered in rain.

Robert Moorhead and Granger Moorhead were named Emerging Voices by the Architectural League of New York in 2008. The internationally acclaimed designers were included in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum’s 2006 National Design Triennial, and their work has been exhibited and published widely in the U.S. and abroad.
Other members of the Ice Heart's design team are Nat Oppenheimer of Robert Silman Associates Structural Engineers and Linnaea Tillett of Tillett Lighting Design.

The 2010 Times Square Valentine is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 


posted by: Elise Rosen, Jan. 11, 2010

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Posted By: Char | 1/14/2012 11:02:42 PM
Hey, that's a clever way of tnhiikng about it.

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