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Twin Cousin Wins Again

From Kansas City, Missouri

By Marcus Austin, National Ourtown News Editor Have you ever had that older sibling or cousin that was a little bit older than you and a little bit better than you at most stuff? Well me too. But did it ever stop you from competing? Well me neither. In my case it was my "Twin cousin," Tommy as he called us. His name is Thomas Livsey Jr. He was a little bigger, faster, better talker, more handsome, ok I'll stop there before I have no ego left. Although Tommy lived in Atlanta and I live in Kansas City, we shared many of the same experiences in life. We both worked at U.P.S. we both were mortgage brokers and both businessmen. Tommy ran the family restraunt and construction business and I owned 3 dry cleaners. As fate would have it we both enjoyed writing and became Ourtown.com news editors as I continued to chase Tommy. But now I have to give it to my now deceased cousin. The Anderson Livsey Elementary school, named in his families honor, honored Tommy in their yearbook by putting his obituary in the yearbook. Where do they do that at? Ok twin cousin, you win again.

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Posted By: Nancy | 7/22/2018 8:17:39 PM
I'm sure your cousin is smiling from heaven about this article. Such a nice tribute.

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