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Playing In The Sand

From Kansas City, Missouri

By Marcus Austin, Ourtown National News Editor

      Everybody loves playing in the sand as kids, but some people refuse to kick sand and find other interest. However, Tod"jai Ross  decided that the sand pit would not only be her play pit, but also a place where she can dominate her competition in track and field. The name of the track and field league that she performs in is called Kansas City Elite Group. Her track teams name is KC Elite.

     Saturday ,May 19th at Grandview high school, that dominance was on display. She won the girls long jump. Her personal best is 16.5.  She also won the 100 meter dash with a blistering time of 13.67.  To cap the day off she took 3rd in the 400 meter dash.  The amazing thing about her accomplishments is that she is only 14 years old,in the 8th grade. The Missouri girls 100 meter high school  record is held by Anglerne Annelus at 11.64 of Grandview High School in 2015.

     Not only does Tod"jai excel in track but the multi-talented musician ia a singer, gymnast and a straight "A" student who aspires to get a full ride scholarship to college. When asked does she have a boyfriend, Tod'jai replied "No, because I don't have time for the distractions." It sounds to me that she has her head on straight and does not need any distractions between her and the finish line.

Marcus Austin


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