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My Brain Injury For Free and in Film

From Eugene, Oregon

My Brain Injury is now available for free at www.smashwords.com/books/view/77935.  It is written by Our Town Eugene OR news editor and is in the process of being turned into a film.  Funds are being discussed.  For more information contact the editor.

This is a non-fictional story.

A woman who ran for 15 years with a brain injury trying to hold on to her life and her child.  Not completely aware of what was going on behind her because if she did she probably would have fallen apart, but there was enough to know she was in danger.  Her life was in danger and not just from abuse but from a troubled medical society confused with brain injury.  Those seemingly meaning to take her choices from her life both medically and personally where the decisions would have left her dead.

So she desperately ran dodging druggings of some prescription meds not known to her which were leaving devastating effects on her brain and her ability to function impaired.  The few that would seem to help would disappear.  The ones who would stay would beat her down until she couldn't talk right.



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