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Use Your Tax Returns For A New or Hi Q Pre-Owned Ford ?

From Duluth, Georgia


Use Your Tax Returns For A New or Hi Q Pre-Owned Ford ?

By Twomucht, Topix National News Editor,

Now is the time to use your tax return dollars to negotiate your best price when buying your new or high quality pre-owned uesd luxury vehicle. Start your search with Don Kapela at  Cherokee Ford.

Waste no time to get over to Cherokee Ford in Alpharetta, Georgia, and make sure to ask only for Don Kapela. He is waiting for you .

There are at least eight charteristics that you should look for when dealing with the common saleperson...Don Kapela has them all. Believe it or not , he will not steer you wrong. He will tell it like it is..God or Bad. Most credit is well taken into consideration !

Understand the car saleman have for years armoured themselves with a bullut-proof shield that works to their own benefit, unwilling to listen to the customer, just the sound of cash going into their pockets.

Don Kapela is not from this stock. he suffers from his conscious, that is why you must seek him, if only to meet a real caring soul in this hap-hazzard industry.:

He originates from New York City but says he loves the South and wouldn’t go back. Don went to art school and is a sculptor. He works mainly in mahogany, basing the sculptors on landscape. His cat, Cowlick, is named for his unruly tuft of hair. Don’s favorite part about his job is getting to meet a variety of people.

Here are eight characteristics what a new car buyer should look for in their next car salesperson:

1. Warm, personable with a pleasing personality. Will make it possible for you to feel comfortable with the idea of purchasing a car from them. Will explain details you'll need to know about the car, then let you do the talking. A good listener who understands exactly what you need and want in a car.

2. Confident. Will be sincere and have a genuine interest in helping their customers. This alone establishes good customer rapport.

3. Honesty. Must be careful and not promise people what cannot be delivered. They are not the decision maker.

4. Patience. With the huge selection at dealerships, sometimes it is difficult to make a decision. Hours could go by without a decision being made.

5. Understanding. Must understand the importance of building customer relationships because customer relationships lead to repeat business.

6. Know all about cars. Must be familiar with each car and its latest features, new additions, info on its safety, fuel consumption, levels of emission, etc.

7. Passion. Must be passionate about the business with a strong sense of customer service and business development.

8. Reliability is another way of saying honesty. Must follow through with commitments

Don Kapela has them all!

Bottom line is, a good car salesman will know every detail of each car in the showroom. No one wants a car salesman who doesn't seem to know what he or she is talking about. People are smarter about buying cars these days so find a dealership who employs people who can answer all of your questions. Ask your friends what experiences they have had as well.

Currently, Cherokee Ford has so many stellars deals, like unheard of finaning on Mustangs, Fusions, Escapes and Edges. But if you want to be able to feel at ease and enjoy your search, please make sure to only contact Don Kapela. He will simply tell you up front if he can or can not help you on your journey to purchase your next car.

Cherokee Ford is a rooted cardealership known for its outstanding community years of service. They are proud to have such a salesperson of Mr. Don Kapela's scrutiny.

For more infomation please call Don directly at 678-478-3500 or email him about your desires at : dkapela@cherokeeford.com .



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