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Cell Phones
CELL PHONE FINE PRINT 2012-11-16 16:17:07


I took a stroll up Radio Shack today to buy a microphone for my computer, by the way they don’t carry them any more.  They have sent them all to the Newport store, which apparently is a hotbed for microphone usage.

But, that is not the point of this article.  It is really about cell phones.  I took a short 4 block walk to Radio Shack today and I saw a women almost get mowed down in a crosswalk.  I noticed, the driver turned pale, but she didn’t appear to hear or see her near brush with death.  She was busy talking on her cell.  Another  women plowed into me when I was coming out of the Carew Tower on Vine Street.  I don’t think she noticed either…too busy talking on the phone.  At least she didn’t acknowledge the collision or ask if I was all right.

Apparently, when you purchase a cell phone, you get a license to be rude.  You get to talk loudly about your private life when on an elevator.  You get to knock down anyone in your path when getting on or off that elevator because you don’t notice them.  You are on the phone.  You get to walk out into traffic and people are supposed to stop for you.  You are on the phone.  You get to make sales people and the people behind you wait when in a store or restaurant because, after all, you are on the phone.  I don’t understand it.  Perfectly nice people seem to forget all about common courtesy when they are on their cell. 

I searched my mobile contract when I got back to the office.  I didn’t notice any fine print about a protective bubble that lets you float above the crowd if you are using your cell.  The world is still going on around you.  Other people are still using the same streets, restaurants, waiting rooms and elevators.  Put the phone away for a few minutes, you would be surprised what you can learn about the world just by paying a little bit of attention.


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