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Tightening Our Belts
  1. PATCH VS. OURTOWNThu, 07 Jul 2011 11:54:38 EST
    This article may seem a little self-serving, but what the heck, its my website, I can say whatever I like. Thats a little bit of the point here. In my continual search for what competitors are doing, I ran across an article about Patch http://www.ojr.org/ojr/people/robert/201107/1989/Now you may not have heard of Patch, but it is a hyperlocal network of news sites, like OurTown, of which Cincipulse is the local site, except that it does not have an active site in Cincinnati. And there is one other slight difference, Patch is owned by internet giant, AOL, who is pouring massive amounts of money into Patch. More...