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On Friday, March 21st the Queen City Classic Chess Tournament weekend will kick off as three chess icons will visit Lincoln Elementary in Dayton, OH.  International Grandmasters Maurice Ashley and Irina Krush, along with Rochelle Ballantyne, freshman at Stanford University and featured in the film Brooklyn Castle, will interact with students at Lincoln.  The students will have a unique opportunity to meet three of America’s biggest chess celebrities.  The pros will share their expertise when they assist students with interactive chess matches and share tips on the best moves to make.


Lincoln is one of fourteen schools in Greater Cincinnati participating in the QCC Chess in Schools Program, a program of the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund. CCPF places experienced educators and chess experts in local elementary, middle, and high schools to provide chess instruction using a curriculum developed by the CCPF team.  In September of 2013, CCPF launched the Queen City Classic Chess In Schools Program to give more Greater Cincinnati students the opportunity to learn this beneficial game.


With CCPF instructor, Ed Long as the teacher at this program, Lincoln became the first school to adopt the program as a part of the curriculum school day. Using 30 minutes of math time each week, Long teaches second and third grade Lincoln students the basics of the game. Long is teaching in 4 other programs in addition to this program.


Friday evening, March 21st, CCPF will host a simultaneous exhibition where local masters and grand masters will play up to 42 chess boards simultaneously. Saturday, March 22nd, the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund will host the 13th Annual Queen City Classic Chess Tournament.  With 700 participants representing ten states, this tournament has become one of the largest scholastic chess tournaments in the Midwest. 


For more information contact Director, Maggie Fennell at 513-924-5038 or mfennell@proscan.com

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