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“Do you believe in evolution?” As a German, I have to admit that the first time somebody in Cincinnati asked me this question, it came as a shock. Germans are, generally speaking, not very religious. Even though religion forms part of the normal curriculum in German schools, these classes have nothing in common with Sunday school or Bible class. We learn about general religious ideas and the philosophies of the different world religions. Also, it is mostly not considered “cool” or “hip” to go to church if you are under 60 years old. In Cincinnati, however, it seems that people are far more open and even proud about their religion, and I feel that it plays a bigger role in people's lives. Therefore, regardless of how I feel about evolution, the idea of a Creation Museum that rejects evolution shocked me at first, but became more and more fascinating, until I finally decided to go and see for myself what it was all about.


            The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the Creation Museum was the cars in the parking lot: people from all over the US and even from Canada had come to Kentucky to visit the museum.            The next thing I saw was a big sign at the entrance saying that once you go inside the museum, you enter private property, meaning: comments, clothing and/or behavior that are felt to be disrespectful to the museum's views will not be tolerated. Or, in the words of the museum, “be prepared to believe!”


            With this, I entered the world of creation, rather suddenly bumping into a giant dinosaur— part of the current exhibition about dinosaurs and dragons. This part seems to be a favorite with children, and I learned that all dinosaurs were dragons and dragons were part of God's creation, and humans and dinosaurs/dragons lived at the same time. From here, I moved on to the Garden of Eden. After a very impressive multimedia show, I learned that our world was created in six days. This part was followed by several theories on the Great Flood. I learned that the geological sediments that some believe to have formed over billions of years were really created in a couple of years by the Great Flood. The Flood is actually the focus of the museum, and if you ever thought that archeology was boring, be prepared to be surprised! At the end, I can say that I learned a lot about the Bible and creationism and that I have been greatly entertained.


            What about you? Do you believe in evolution? Wait! Before you answer, go and see for yourself!



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