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Hi, my name is Gabby and I am your Cincipulse fashion consultant. It is my job to shop and share with you things that I have found that I love and that I think you will love too.


It’s the end of February. Spring is only about a month away and it’s time to put a little color into our wardrobe. The best and easiest way to start is with shoes and handbags. Even if you are a basic black sort of woman, you can add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe with the right shoes and handbag. You can get away with last year’s skirt, if you team it with a good quality pair of shoes. The right shoes and handbag can take your bargain pants and shirt up a couple of notches.


Finding the right shoes and purse in downtown Cincinnati is not an easy task. Sak’s is high end and doesn’t cater to the budget conscious and the downtown Macy’s shoe department only offers the basics. If I fell asleep on Fountain Square at lunchtime and someone stole my shoes, I could find something to wear at Macy’s, but it probably wouldn’t cause my shoe loving heart to go beat faster. For some reason Macy’s management doesn’t think women who shop downtown want a really “hot” pair of shoes, but I digress. That’s a complaint for another column.


I found these really great shoes at Macy’s in Kenwood on Saturday. If you can’t make it out to Kenwood, they are also available at www.macys.com. I have included the links below.


The first pair is what Macy’s calls a demi-wedge flat from Circa Joan and David. I am showing them in an orangy-red with a cream wedge and trim, but they also come in other colors. They run pretty true to size, are comfy and the tiny wedge relieves the rubbing on your heel caused by many flats. They are $99, but Macy’s is always offering some kind of deal or coupon (I forgot to mention, I’m a westsider, I don’t pay full price for anything.) Here is the link http://bit.ly/wytgP


The second pair is really hot. They are a cream (Macy’s says they are white) snake embossed heel with a zip up the front by Michael Kors. Retailing at $110, they stretch the budget a little, but they are truly worth it. The heel is 4 inches and is silver. They are very comfy, but I would buy them a half size larger than you usually wear, especially if you have a high instep. Again, here is the link http://bit.ly/ycZe8k


If you want that same look, but a slightly lower heel, try these Alfani sandals. They retail for $79 and have a 2 3/4 inch heel. I chose them in orange, a very hot color for spring by the way, but they too come in a variety of more basic shades. They also run very true to size. The link is http://bit.ly/xLXutp.


If you have found a pair of shoes you love, send them along. I love to talk shoes.


Next column we’ll tackle handbags. Happy shopping!






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