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The Cincinnati streetcar project may have received a minor setback yesterday when word was received that it would not be one of the projects to receive funding from the TIGER  grant. 

Mayor Mallory was quick to assure supporters of the project that this does not hurt plans for the project.  The Mayor said "We have applied for funding from several different state and federal sources. Today’s announcement simply means that we did not receive this particular grant. In fact, out of 61 projects to receive funding today, only four streetcar projects were selected."

There are still more than $50 million in grants to be awarded and the Cincinnati streetcar project will be competing for this funding.  Mayor Mallory went on to say that "we are confident that our Streetcar project is one of the best projects in the country.  One of the pots of money still available is the Urban Circulator grant program, which is intended for streetcar-type projects. The reality is that after today’s announcement, there are four fewer projects competing with us for that funding."


The Streetcar project has been a controversial one in Cincinnati, many saying that it will cost too much and is unnecessary and that the money could be better spent.  But the Project also has many strong supporters.  I, for one, think it is a great idea.  I can remember downtown Cincinnati when it was bustling with activity.  I think the Streetcars are a step in the right direction to help bring that feeling back to downtown. 

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