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WHO ARE WE? 2009-08-31 16:49:08

www.Cincipulse.com is a hyperlocal website focused on issues and news of importance to the people who live and work in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  www.Cincipulse.com is updated daily and would be pleased to feature news and information about your organization or event.   Cincipulse is part of the national network of hyperlocal news sites operated by www.OurTown.com.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Editor for your area, please contact support@ourtown.com.

We can be reached at 513-381-0777 or you can e-mail me at carol@cwpllc.com.


Carol Meinhardt

Local Editor



Carol Meinhardt  -- carol@cwpllc.com

Sales and Marketing -- Chris Burnett  -- cburneett@ourtown.com

Sports--Andy Furman --furman@ourtown.com

Reviews and Features--Gabby Prescott

Founder--Roger W. Ach, II







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ADVERTISE WITH US 2009-08-31 16:53:56

Don't waste your money on ads that are quickly thrown in the trash each day, ads that give you a one-time exposure.  www.Cincipulse can offer you a geographically targeted way to reach your customer economically. 

Our visitors come to www.Cincipulse daily to check on the latest information important to their daily lives.  Let them see your ad on a daily basis as well. 

Ads start as low as $125/month.

Contact Daryl at 513- 381-0777 or email carol@cwpllc.com


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