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Here's How it Works

OurTown has sites that cover every ZIP code and community in the United States. We’re publishing basic news, national ads and information to your Local OurTown sites….and we need to find Local Editors for each community who to gather and upload Local content to OurTown’s easy-to-use templates. Local Editors also sell Local Ads and can earn more than $50,000 annually, while working part time. Every Local Editor will also share in the additional revenues generated from National Advertisers whose ads are also displayed on your Site.

Two Essential Jobs: Gather Local Content and Information / Sell Ads to Your Local Vendors

OurTown.com licenses its Websites to Local Editors who live “…in the neighborhood…” in communities of all sizes. OurTown provides its viewers with current community information. OurTown also provides Community and Local Advertiser Mapping, targeted advertising by Local Vendors and a calendaring feature that allows all members of a community to “track” each others’ soccer games, PTA gatherings, business meetings and more.

Local, Local!

Local TV, Radio, Cable and Newspapers report on Fires, Crime and Bad News. Your OurTown.com will provide truly useable and accessible Free Classified Ads, Local information, Shared Family Calendaring plus neighborhood Mapping, Chat, Local Opinion Polls, Property Tax information, EMS, Police and Fire runs. OurTown provides templates so that you can upload photo galleries, videos and textual information from your Local churches, community services, Youth, Grade School, Middle School and High School sports, Local Fairs, Art Shows and all other community activities.

In addition, OurTown’s Free Classified Ads will be available to all buyers and in your ZIP code. Your Viewers will be able to post and browse Rentals, Autos, Yard Sales and Homes. OurTown’s templates will allow the public to search for offerings within their neighborhood. Combined with OurTown’s Chat, Mapping and Shared Family Calendar features all will generate additional traffic to your sites.

Your Earnings are Generated From Commissions on Local Ads You Sell, National Ads We Have Sold on Your Sites and Cash For Referrals of Others Who Become Local Editors.

We estimate that with your hard work, plus consistent and aggressive management of the Local content uploads to your OurTown websites geographically covering only 2 ZIP codes, will generate annual income for you between $45,000 and $65,000. You will be able to control the look and structure of the news potions of the site and the mix of Local and National ads to maximize your site revenues. OurTown Marketing Managers will consistently suggest new ideas and will share compelling content creation and marketing successes from other OurTown site Local Editors around the US.

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