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About Us

OurTown.com is a privately owned company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Started in 2007 by a group of “news junkies,” OurTown grew out of our own interest in what was happening in our own city and evolved into a branded, hyper-local platform of more than 70,000 sites covering every populated ZIP Code in the U.S. OurTown delivers Local News, Local Views, Local Search and Local Commerce to each viewer.

With a small staff of programmers, designers and marketers, we gamely plowed into what is quickly becoming a very large business. We completed our Beta phase on September 15, 2008 with over 1,000 Local Editors in place across the country. Local Editors license clusters of ZIPs which are adjacent to their homes.

Local Editors are men and women from all walks of life including Realtors, Teachers, Bloggers and Mompreneurs, all of whom are compensated for their work and who can each earn $2500 to $3500 each month. OurTown’s success is based upon the success of our Local Editors, who share in our revenue and can become shareholders, as well!

We talk a lot about our Local Editors and that is because they are the core of our business. They are what makes OurTown.com unique. They are our “feet on the street” across the U.S. Who knows better what is happening in a town than the people who live there?

What’s next? Who knows...maybe Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

As you “click across America,” you’ll meet all the OurTown Local Editors. Now we’ll introduce you to our Cincinnati-based team.


Chris Burnett Chris Burnett

Chris is the “OurTown Super Hero.” He is the guy who makes sure that the Local Editors have everything they need and blasts away at the Development team if they don’t provide it.

Now that you have met the important people, here are the bosses (they insisted on having their pictures included as well).
Roger Ach II Roger Ach II

Our Town’s Narrator, idea guy and head honcho, in other words the CEO.

Carol Meinhardt Carol Meinhardt

Carol is the COO and holds the “whip hand” over the whole team (really, she has a WHIP, really, we’ve seen it, we’ve felt it!)