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It’s About Us... OurTown. Unlike other community websites, you and anyone in your neighborhood contribute to the news and information that is important to you. What is the most important part of any town? It is the people who live there and make it a community. OurTown lets those people share, learn, and meet with each other on a regular basis. OurTown has sites that cover every ZIP code and community in the United States. We’re publishing basic news, national ads and information to your Local OurTown sites….and we need to find Local Editors for each community to gather and upload local content to OurTown’s easy-to-use templates.

OurTown presents searchable and trackable hyper-local news and community information from more than 70,000 locations and neighborhoods.


* OurTown presents local news drawn from multiple sources, as well as specific local articles. On each of 70,000 Local Websites, visitors will see the news and activities which directly affect them and the community in which they live.

OurTown shows national news as well, making it the “one-stop-shop” for the information visitors want.

* OurTown allows local buyers and sellers to access and search a detailed and easy to use Free Classified Ad system. As on Craig’s List, individual buyers and sellers are able to create ads for free.

How does OurTown make me money?

You supply the knowledge and interest in your community, and we’ll supply you with the tools and training needed to operate your own OurTown. OurTown licenses its local templates to local writers and entrepreneurs like you, who will become our Local Editors interested in the activity and growth of their own community. As a Local Editor you can easily sell and place ads from your local businesses. Your earnings are generated from commissions on local ads you sell, national ads we have sold on your sites, and cash for referrals of others who become local editors. You report the local news, happenings, and events in your community. The better your site, the more traffic it will generate and the higher your profits will be.

Press Releases

OurTown's New Licensing Structure
OurTown Media LLC. announces a new pricing structure opening additional opportunities for journalists, bloggers, mompreneurs, realtors and others who are looking to make extra money by working from home.

OurTown v3 Launches
OurTown Media launched its 3.0 version of its hyperlocal www.ourtown.com site today.

CinciPulse Press Release
Pulse, a weekly newspaper based in Cincinnati, OH, has joined the trend of other publications and moved to online publication only.

Press Release 9-24-2008
New Launch of OurTown.com Goes Live; Appoints 1000th Local Editor

Press Release 7-7-08
OurTown has editors in 48 states

Press Release 5-9-08
Miller, Pederson join OurTown advisors

Topix Press Release 5-1-08
OurTown partners with Topix

Press Release 3-1-08
Three prominent journalists join OurTown.com advisory board

Press Release 2-12-08
OurTown recruiting local editors

Chief News Officer Press Release 2-12-08
New OurTown Chief News Officer
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